Maximizing Retirement Asset Division in New Jersey Divorces

retirement assets divorce new jersey

Retirement funds are often among the most valuable assets a divorcing couple owns, although before retirement they are often not given a whole lot of thought. How they are treated is one of the most important considerations to be dealt with in a divorce case, and in order to do that, the rules of the… Read more »

An Interesting Pair: Trusts and High-Asset Divorce

Skoloff & Wolfe, P.C. attorneys are regularly called upon to counsel high net worth clients concerning the treatment of trusts in divorce. Here’s what to look out for when navigating this portion of a divorce, and why it’s critical to speak with a legal professional.

What Makes a Good NJ Divorce Mediator?

A good NJ divorce mediator speaking with a couple divorcing.

There are many qualities that contribute to a person being an effective divorce mediator. Above all is the capacity to listen and have compassion for both parties, and not lean to one side, but see both sides.  Like a judge, a qualified divorce mediator is someone highly knowledgeable in New Jersey divorce and family law…. Read more »

Knowing When Divorce Mediation Is the Right Call

Mediation is a different path to divorce that few couples have considered or understand. Instead of having a Judge make binding decisions in a drawn-out litigation process, mediation allows both sides to discuss their issues and concerns, while hashing out an agreement that is more equitable to each person and to their children. That is… Read more »

Commercial Property Tax Attorney, David Wolfe, Named to Super Lawyer List

David Wolfe, co-managing partner of Skoloff & Wolfe, P.C., has again been recognized on New Jersey’s Super Lawyer list. Mr. Wolfe is a real estate and property tax attorney in the New York metropolitan area and is a fierce litigator representing commercial property owners who are seeking tax relief due to deep revenue shortfalls from… Read more »