nj property tax appeal attorney

Jersey City is following the lead of other NJ municipalities and has authorized reverse/increase cases against commercial property owners. What does that mean?

Even if you haven’t filed a property tax appeal, the City may initiate an appeal to increase your assessment and your real estate taxes.

These filings represent a significant change in the commercial property landscape for Jersey City and will dramatically change how the market underwrites taxes and values going forward.

If you receive a notice from Jersey City’s counsel, call the property tax attorneys at Skoloff & Wolfe, P.C.

You may have as little as 10 days to file responsive pleadings or serve discovery. It is likely the firm filing these appeals will target larger properties as well as multifamily properties.

Skoloff & Wolfe, P.C. is prepared to fight this vigorously. We believe these cases are unconstitutional and violate the Uniformity Clause in the New Jersey Constitution, and the Equal Protection guarantees of the United States Constitution. If you receive notice of an appeal filed against your property, please contact us immediately so that we can take swift action on your behalf.

To discuss your tax appeal case, contact David Wolfe a New Jersey property tax appeal attorney at 973.232.2986 or dwolfe@skoloffwolfe.com.