Jersey City Finalizes 32% Property Tax Increase

Jersey City Finalized 32% Property Tax Increase - Largest Increase in Decades

It is official. Jersey City has finalized the 2022 tax rate, and it represents an unprecedented increase of 32% from its 2021 tax rate. Remarkably, it is estimated that the average homeowner in Jersey City will see an increase of $2,360 in their yearly property taxes. This type of one-year increase can be catastrophic for… Read more »

Skoloff & Wolfe, P.C. Real Property Tax Team Wins Appeal

NJ Appeals Court rules assessors are not barred from testifying for taxpayers in another jurisdiction.  A New Jersey state appeals court ruled there was no law or regulation in place to prevent the Wall Township tax assessor, working for a private firm, from testifying on behalf of a business owner challenging a property value assessment… Read more »