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Matrimonial Attorney at Skoloff & Wolfe Designated to Represent the NJSBA Family Law Executive Committee

Thomas DeCataldo, a partner in Skoloff & Wolfe’s matrimonial department, was recently designated to represent the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Family Law Executive Committee as a co-author to an amicus submission filed with the Supreme Court of New Jersey in the published decision of S.C. v. New Jersey Department of Children and Families. The NJSBA… Read more »

Building the Financial Aspects of a Divorce Case: Discovery and Analysis of Hidden Income and Assets

By: Jonathan W. Wolfe Previously published in American Journal of Family Law, Spring 2010, Volume 24. Attorneys representing parties in divorce frequently are faced with the difficult challenge of discovering and proving the existence of hidden income or assets. Although most prevalent in the context of private business owners, spouses from all career paths are… Read more »