Important 2024 Property Tax Appeal Deadlines for CT, NJ, and NYC

2024 property tax deadlines are quickly approaching for all taxpayers who lease or own real property in CT, NJ, and NYC. If you believe your assessed value is unreasonable and are looking to explore relief through an appeal, please be aware of the deadlines below and speak to the property tax attorneys at Skoloff & Wolfe, P.C.


Statewide: February 20, 2024

New Jersey

Burlington, Gloucester, and Monmouth Counties: January 16, 2024

All Other Counties: April 1st, 2024, unless reassessment or revaluation has occurred.*

Reassessments / Revaluations: For taxpayers and taxing districts where a municipal-wide reassessment or revaluation was implemented, the filing deadline for appeals is May 1, 2024 (or 45 days from the date of final notice of assessment).

*Except for Burlington, Gloucester, and Monmouth Counties.

New York City

March 1, 2024